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2020 really sucked but at least the beer was tasty

Taprooms were empty for a good portion of 2020, such as the one at Ex Novo. (Photo courtesy of Joel Gregory)

Rather than wait until New Year’s Eve or Day, we decided that today (Tuesday) marked a perfectly good time to run our annual Year in Review.

So, did anything happen in 2020? Well, gosh, a lot happened, and it was not all pandemic-related. Here are a whole lotta links to the biggest news stories of the year gone by, some of which you might have forgotten even happened, since this felt like the longest year ever.


The year started nice and quiet. We got to go to WinterBrew (remember festivals?) and have some fun. Those were the days.


The Stout Invitational trophy, which was the last Brewers Guild event held in 2020.

It was all about the stouts to start the month. The Crew crowned La Cumbre’s Malpais Stout as the winner of our annual Stout Challenge. A couple weeks later, the public chose Flix Brewhouse’s entry as the champion of the annual Stout Invitational at Bat

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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