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30,000 and counting

When I posted the first articles on this blog 5 years ago I never thought that at the end of 2014 the blog would have been viewed 30,000 times. There seems to be a lot of interest in Dutch beer from all over the world and some people apparently seem to enjoy reading about it. I have enjoyed writing about festivals, new bars or shops and brewers. When it comes to those brewers I have them to thank for their often excellent replies. They say that the best people in a certain field also give the best answers. It is no coincidence then that three of my favorite articles to write were about Duits & Lauret, Rooie Dop and Het Uiltje. Brewers with so much passion it is a lot easier to write about them.

It is amazing how much has changed from view 1 to 30,000. New brewers pop up almost every week and breweries that were already doing fine are doing better. Of course some have folded over the years but that’s only natural in a branch of business like brewing.

There has been a shift from mostly G

Source: The Dutch Beer Pages

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