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A Trip to St Emilion

Before we set off for our beery escapades in Belgium, a visit to France was a must. This is a destination I longed to visit for quite sometime. Our first stop was the beautiful city of Bordeaux. Here we spent 4 nights and one of my highlights was the trip to St Emilion. From the moment we stepped off the train and began our walk up to the town the excitement was building up nicely. It was a short walk but we really got to see some wonderful sights. I’ve never seen so many grape vines in my life. We passed by some beautiful Chateaux too. St Emilion dates back to prehistoric times and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We thoroughly enjoyed walking through the narrow cobbled streets and seeing the gorgeous buildings, the many wines caves as well as the churches and ruins. I even made it up the really steep hill without collapsing.

We planned to get in a full day here, but due to the lack of French vocabulary between Wayne and myself we had a slight mix up with the train timetables. However …

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