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AC Golden Winterfest

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AC Golden Winterfest
AC Golden Winterfest
Winterfest was originally brewed in small batches for families and friends. But the more it was shared, the more popular it became. Soon the secret was out and Winterfest quickly became a Colorado holiday favorite. Twenty-six years later, Winterfest is still a labor of love.
Style:European Amber Lager > Vienna Lager
ABV:5.8 %
Availability:Seasonal (Winter)
Packaging:12oz bottle
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AC Golden Winterfest
To develop the distinctive characteristics of this outstanding winter lager, we combined our prized Moravian two-row barley malt with choice hops from the Hallertau region of Germany. After brewing, we chill-lagered Winterfest at 1 deg C, to produce a perfectly balanced seasonal lager with an exceptionally crisp, clean finish.
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AC Golden Brewing Company
AC Golden Brewing Company
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Address: P.O. Box 4030,
Colorado 80401,
United States
Social Media:Facebook 
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