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Adnams Innovation

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Adnams Innovation
Adnams Innovation
Adnams Innovation (English IPA) with 6.7 ABV by Adnams Southwold...
Style:India Pale Ale (IPA) > English IPA
ABV:6.7 %
Packaging:33cl bottle (11.2 oz)
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Adnams Innovation
Adnams Southwold Innovation Flavoursome Ale. Jack Brand craft beers; they're a little thing we make when we're not making Adnams and want to try something, well, a little bit different. But what's the story of this bottle of splendidly hoppy IPA you're holding? Upon opening our new brewery Jonathan declared 'we should have a beer to celebrate' of course he didn't just see what was lurking in the back of the fridge. Oh no. He, and the team, set about creating one, and this is what they came…
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Adnams Southwold
Adnams Southwold
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Tel#:+44 (0)1502 727200
Address: Sole Bay Brewery,
East Green,
IP18 6JW,
United Kingdom
Social Media:Facebook Twitter
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