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Almanac Winter 2012 Winter Wit

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Almanac Winter 2012 Winter Wit
Almanac Winter 2012 Winter Wit
Brewed with 600 lbs of San Joaquin Valley oranges grown pesticide-free at Hamada Farm in Kingsburg, California and fresh ginger root from Mellow’s Nursery in Morgan Hill, California.
Style:Belgian & French Ale > Witbier
ABV:7.0 %
Packaging:750ml bottle (25.4oz)
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Almanac Winter 2012 Winter Wit
Our second “Farm to Bottle” offering is a beer brewed in the classic Belgian Wit style. Also called a “white” beer, these wheat ales are very food friendly, balancing a rich velvety mouthfeel with an earthy Belgian-yeast character. Ours is brewed with 600 pounds of juicy winter oranges from Hamada Farm in Kingsburg, California. Working with Cliff Hamada, the third generation owner-operator of the farm, we put together a blend of early season blood oranges, tart pink-fleshed cara cara ora…
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Almanac Beer Company
Almanac Beer Company
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Address: 2325 3rd Street,
Suite 222,
San Francisco,
California 94107,
United States
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