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An Easy Guide to Pairing Beers and Burgers at Square Barrels

There are a few meals that are infinitely better when paired with a beer. Pizza comes to mind and so do burgers. In my opinion, you shouldn’t drink anything other than a beer with either of these foods. With that in mind, I paid a visit to our local burger and beer palace, Square Barrels in Downtown, to come up with some fun and delicious beer pairings for a number of their burgers.

The beauty of pairing a beer with a burger is that you almost can’t go wrong with what you choose. The options are endless, but along with Square Barrels owner Hideo Simon and Bar Manager Thomas Ray, we focused on 2 different beer styles for five of their unique burgers. Beer’s carbonation is the key to making it the perfect beverage to enjoy with a burger. Any meat based burger is going to have a fair amount of fat and a lot of richness. This is what makes a burger so tasty and it’s why beer’s carbonation is so important. The C02 in beer helps cut through the fat and scrub your palate. Combine that cleanin

Source: Beer in Hawaii

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