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Astro Lab Brewing Eyes a (Silver) Spring Opening

In the summer of 2017, co-owners Emma Whelan and Matt Cronin announced they would be opening Silver Spring’s second brewery, Astro Lab Brewing, which underwent a slight name change after the announcement. Both bring extensive business and beer industry experience to the table. Whelan previously worked in marketing for Whole Foods and her husband, Greg Whelan, co-owns McGinty’s Public House, an establishment she humbly says she has been “in and out of over the years, helping out.” Cronin studied brewing at of Siebel Institute of Technology’s brewing school in Chicago and is an accomplished home brewer, which launched him into working on collaborations with local breweries. DCBeer caught up with them to learn more about Astro Lab and what progress they’ve made so far.

You are looking to brew about a thousand barrels a year in your opening?

MC: Yeah, about that. We’ll obviously look to increase production as we go, from there. First off, we’re all about quality, so we don’t want to stretc

Source: DC Beer

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