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Banks’s Mild

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Banks's Mild
Banks's Mild
Banks's Mild from Banks's Park Brewery. ABV = 3.5%...
Style:English Brown Ale > Mild
ABV:3.5 %
Packaging:50 cl bottle
Glassware:Pint (or Becher/Becker, Nonic, Tumbler)
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Banks's Mild
Banks's Mild is a light-chestnut coloured beer, with a glorious balance of malty biscuity flavours, with a subtle hint of bitterness. A subtle but perceptible burnt note; full bodied, Banks's delivers a flavour-packed quaffable ale.
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Banks's Park Brewery
United Kingdom brewery location
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Address: Brewery Road,
WV1 4JT ,
United Kingdom
Social Media:Facebook Twitter
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