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BBC14 Ultimate Liveblogging: The Return

The Beer Blogger’s Conference, held this year in San Diego, is a heady, um, brew of beer geeks, beer geek enablers, free beer, lots of information, and then also some beer. While I will be providing a more complete overview, I wanted to start out with the most intense (and my favorite) event of the conference, Live Beer Blogging. I recapped last year’s here, and used a lot of tweets to capture it. And I’m doing it again!

OK, the first beer was probably my favorite. It was Stone’s American Homebrew Association competition winner, Chris Baker’s Xoco Beza, which had chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg notes. Was incredibly complex and… comforting.

#livebeerblogging @StoneBrewingCo Xocobeza. Mexican hot chocolate in a beer. Delicious. 8.1%. Served right outta the fermenter #BBC14
— Nora McGunnigle (@noradeirdre) August 23, 2014

Next up was Rogue’s Marionberry Braggot, which was made with marionberries, a blackberry mutation designed by Oregon State University students, and honey made fr …

Source: Nora’s Beer Blog

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