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Beer and Cocktails

This year I’ve been widening my arsenal of beverage choices by adding cocktails to my repertoir.  I bought a couple of classic books on the subject and have been working my way through those, trying to get a feel for mixology standards, as well as deciding what type of mixed drinks that I like.  I’ve also been experimenting on my wife, Sarajo–finding her tastes go to gin based drinks and ones on the sweeter side.

Enter a cool new series of beers from one of my all-time favorite breweries–Perennial in St. Louis: Dealer’s Choice.  I picked up the second in the series on a trip (on Sunday since you still can’t buy beer here in Minnesota that day #whynotsundays) to Hudson, Wisconsin.  This beer takes the flavor profile of the Jack Rose cocktail as it’s inspiration.

I decided that I had to make a Jack Rose and try this beer at the same time!  Here are the results!  Also taking part in this was our friend Heather McNabnay, and of course, Sarajo.  Oh, and there are a lot of different versio …

Source: JABlog: A Minnesota-Centric Beer Blog

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