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Vetter's Alt brewing system
Vetter's Alt brewing system

Beer & Breweries in Heidelberg

Following on from our visit to Bamberg we traveled by train onto the city of Heidelberg which is famous for its highly respected university and impressive schloss (castle). Additionally the city has a few breweries in the altstadt (old town).

Heidelberg Castle
Heidelberg Castle (built 1294)

Weisser Bock

Hoepfner Pilsner
Hoepfner Pilsner

We stayed in the Weisser Bock Hotel during our stay in Heidelberg whose name means ‘white buck’ as in goat.

On the first night we ate a great meal in the restaurant where they served Hoepfner Pilsner (4.7%) and Weizen (4.9%). These nicely accompanied our duck and goose dishes.


Interior of Kulturbrauerei
Interior of Kulturbrauerei

The first brewery we visited was Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg which has a brewing history within the city walls dating back to 1235. This brewery is frequented by students as it has been for many years. The ceiling is adorned with old carvings and large chandeliers.

We visited here on two occasions and drank the following beers:

  • Munich Helles – a hoppy aroma and flavor with 5.2% ABV.
  • Hefeweizen – a smooth weissbier at 5.0% ABV.

Vetter’s Alt

Vetter’s Alt Heidelberger Brauhaus
Vetter’s Alt Heidelberger Brauhaus

Next up was Vetter’s Alt Heidelberger Brauhaus which only opened in 1987. They had an extensive food menu and the following beers on tap:

  • Dunklesweiss
  • Helles
  • Märzen
  • Vetter 33

Vetter 33 was an interesting annual Doppelbock with 11.5% ABV and Euro 5.30 for 0.2cl glass!

Zum Seppl
Zum Seppl

One brewery we did not manage to get to was Wirtshaus Zum Seppl as it was closed when we tried to visit due to Monday opening hours. In addition to the breweries there are numerous bars in the Altstadt where local beers can be consumed. We managed to find Löwenbräu Triumphator on draft which is a 7.6% Doppelbock.

Heidelberg was a great city to visit with the castle well worth a visit, not only for the history and architecture, but also for the views over the valley below.

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