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Beer & Brewery Reviews
Beer & Brewery Reviews

Beer & Brewery Reviews + Better Performance

We are pleased to announce some new improvements to the Beer Infinity web site starting with an overhaul of the ability to review Beers and Breweries. Both of these can be given ratings out of 5-stars including 1/2 points e.g. 3.5 out of 5.0 with 0.5 being the lowest and 5.0 being the highest. Alongside the rating users can also submit Tasting Notes for Beers and Comments for Breweries.

These ratings are also shown as an average per Beer or Brewery for all user reviews. The Tasting Notes and Comments are currently for personal use only but future enhancements are being planned so you can make these available for public view if you so choose. Watch this space…

In addition to the above work on Reviews we have also been working hard on improving the overall performance of the Beer Infinity site and we hope you can see the difference with reduced web page loading times.

Finally, we have more upcoming enhancements underway to make it easier for our site users to submit Breweries and Beers that are not yet on the Beer Infinity site.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to leave your comments below or Contact Us directly.

UPDATE: Oct 8, 2013

Submit a Beer and Submit a Brewery are now both live and can be accessed from this page:

Submit a Beer or Brewery

All Brewers and Craft Beer drinkers are invited to submit any Breweries or Beers that we do not currently have listed, all you need to do is Register or alternatively you can login using any of the following Social Media accounts:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • LinkedIn

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