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Beer Dinners and such

I’ve gone to two beer dinners this week – one was $30 and one was $100. (disclaimer: I did not pay for either.) As is obvious from the price point differential, the two dinners were on two sides of the cuisine and experience spectrum. Ale (the beer bar on Oak Street) hosted a Goose Island beer dinner on Tuesday. Since Goose Island is owned by AB-Inbev, that’s a very good reason for the price of the dinner to be so inexpensive.

Chef Via Fortier (who manages the kitchens at both Oak and Ale) put together a very nice four course meal, a smoked and fried rib, shrimp and grit cake, and my favorite (and perhaps soon to be on the Ale regular menu) a cold lamb leg sandwich on a warm brioche roll with rosemary aioli, mint chimichurri, and pickled onion. Wrapped up with a teeny tiny peach pie. Tasty, not overly filling.

The first two beers – the 312 Wheat and Goose Island IPA – were pretty meh, the IPA actively not very good (metallic aroma, chemical taste) but the Matilda and Sofie, which accompa …

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