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Music Festival
Music Festival

Beer drones, smallest brewery & Growler Saver

Drone beer-drops for Festival goers – attendees of the OppiKoppi Music Festival held every August in South Africa will be able to take advantage of ordering their beer using their cell phone and have a drone bring it to them and drop it via parachute without having to miss a single song. The drone will be manually remote-controlled and will deliver the ordered beverages to the co-ordinates of the cell phone used to place the order. Concerns have been raised about drifting parachutes which could bring a true meaning to ‘Free Beer’ for some music fans. For more details see the following sources:

UK’s smallest brewery – a Home Brewer of 5 years, Nigel Poustie from Yorkshire, brews 6 different styles of beer from his own kitchen and sells them in bottles and kegs to some local retailers in the Leeds area. His ales include Coffee & Orange Stout, a Honey & Lavender Ale and a Yorkshire Pale Ale. Nigel is due to move house soon and take his brewing out of the house and into the garage – this will enable him to increase production to 400 litres (approx 100 US gals) per batch. Read more and watch the video at:

Growler Saver project receives KickStarter funding – Steve Mosaic from Philadelphia turned to KickStarter to seek crowd source funding for his project to take his innovative product ‘The Growler Saver’ into production by raising $30k of funding. On May 7, 2013, he succeeded in raising over $35k from 479 investors with pledges ranging from $1 to $2k which comprises of individuals, home brew supply shops and other commercial companies. The product uses CO2 to pressurize and expel Oxygen from a growler containing beer using a specially designed cap and injector handle. The money raised will enable Steve to take the product into production. Read more and watch the video at:

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