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Beer Infinity goes Global
Beer Infinity goes Global

Beer Infinity goes Global

When we launched back in early May 2013 we announced in our Welcome to Beer Infinity blog post that our initial coverage was 3700+ US Breweries & Brewpubs and 5600+ US Craft Beers. Since that time, as well as posting a number of Blog and News articles, we have been hard at work gathering and preparing Brewery and Beer information from countries outside of the USA.

These new countries include Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom … to name but a few and resulting in total listings of 7000+ Breweries & Brewpubs and 9500+ Craft Beers!

Beer enthusiasts & Brewery owners

If you are a Craft Beer enthusiast and cannot find your favorite beer or brewery/brewpub on our site then please feel free to add it by clicking on the Submit a Beer or Brewery link which can be found under the Search box. If you are a Brewery owner, or work in the Sales & Marketing area of a producer (large or small), then you can also add your brewery/beers using the same link or get in touch with us via our Contact Us page so that we can work together to add or improve your listing on our site.

What’s Next?

We are now heading off to the National Homebrewers Conference (June 27-29, 2013) in Philadelphia, PA, and will be bringing you Twitter updates during the event as well as Blog & News articles afterwards. If you see us please say hi and let’s share a beer or two.

Beyond NHC we will be working on further site enhancements and improvements so look out for updates…

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