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Beer Notes: Rejoice, all the brewery bills have been signed

The bills have passed! Thank you, Governor Martinez and everyone who works in this building!

Late last night the Crew was informed by the NM Brewers Guild that Governor Susana Martinez has signed all three of the major bills that affect our breweries. Well, that is just one giant relief. After all, we had spent the better part of two weeks singing the praises of these bills and yet none of them had technically been put into law yet. Now they will be and our breweries will be better for it.

Rather than just do a total rehash of what we’ve already written (plus, I’m on my break at work as I type this), here are the links to our original story on the bills and the impact they will have on the various breweries who responded to our inquiries about them.

Luke interviewed Chris Goblet of the Brewers Guild for the initial story on what the bills are all about and what they mean.

I talked to Gabe Jensen about what the bills could mean for Bosque Brewing in the near future and beyond.

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Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

Read the full article here.

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