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Beer Notes: There is not enough time this weekend

So I usually try to keep Beer Notes limited to once a week, but this weekend screamed out for some sort of preview. Originally we were going to have a sneak preview of Heimat House, the new German restaurant/brewpub in the Northeast Heights, but they got just a bit busy preparing for their grand opening and we won’t be able to stop by until later this evening. Don’t worry, we’ll still get you all the info you need, it just may not run till Monday.

Back Alley says good-bye to one brewer and hello to another this weekend.

Now it’s just a matter of trying to figure out how to cram all of this beer goodness into our schedules. And to make it worse, I have to take some folks to the airport at 5:30 a.m. Saturday. So if any of you run into me Saturday night and I seem completely out of it, it’s not the beer. Well, it might be partly the beer.

Brewery by brewery, here’s what we know is going on this weekend. Some of this is a repeat of Monday’s Beer Notes and/or Wednesday’s The Week Ahead in B

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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