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Fegley’s Always Sunny Pale Ale

Day 154: Fegley’s Always Sunny Pale Ale from Fegley’s Brew Works. Style of beer is ‘American Pale Ale’. ABV is 5.2%.
Fegley's Always Sunny Pale Ale
Day: 154 (since July 1, 2014)
Beer: Fegley’s Always Sunny Pale Ale
Brewery: Fegley’s Brew Works
Style: American Pale Ale
ABV: 5.2 %
Rating: 3.5 stars
Tasting Notes: Amber in color with a white head. A citrus and grapefruit aroma. Flavor is grapefruit and a bit malty. Highly carbonated with a lingering hoppiness.
Description: The fathers of our nation were very fond of a good tankard of ale. Dozens of Philadelphia breweries lubricated the minds of the Age of Reason toward an egalitarian philosophy, a rational government, and enlightened experiments in science.But things weren’t perfect by any means –the Liberty Bell had to wait out the British occupation of Philadelphia by hiding in Allentown, and poor Mr. Franklin had to routinely wait out beautiful weather to “wet the kite twine so that it can conduct the electric fire freely.Alas, let us raise a pint, and hope it is Always Sunny…wherever you are.
Comments: Bitterness = 45 IBUs.

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