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Lvivske 1715 Classic Beer

Day 235: Lvivske 1715 Classic Beer from Lvivska Pivovarnya (Carlsberg). Style of beer is ‘German Pilsner (Pils)’. ABV is 4.7%.
Lvivske 1715 Classic Beer
Day: 235 (since July 1, 2014)
Beer: Lvivske 1715 Classic Beer
Brewery: Lvivska Pivovarnya (Carlsberg)
Style: German Pilsner (Pils)
ABV: 4.7 %
Rating: 4.0 stars
Tasting Notes: Yellow in color with a white head. A bready aroma. Flavor is of caramel and malty. Moderate carbonation with some lingering caramel.
Description: Lvivske 1715 is a light beer of flawless quality that is based on tercentenary traditions and even more ancient secrets of Lviv brewers. The secrets of ancient recipe were passed by word of mouth, from father to son. Light hop beverage with pure malt aroma and inimitable taste is a true discovery for all who are devoted to classics and ancient traditions.

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