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Beer review: Nøgne Ø Cassis Tripel

The beer I’m reviewing now is a variation of Nøgne Ø Tiger Tripel. The brewer managed to add the wrong yeast, so instead of pouring the batch down the drain they added some Blackcurrant juice, and left the beer to re-ferment. The beer has an ABV of 9.5%. Let’s get this “accident” opened.


Red/brown-ish color with an off-white head with little retention.


A rather huge amount of blackcurrant present in the aroma. In my opinion it’s too much, making the aroma feel artificial.


There is an equal amount of blackcurrant present in the flavor of the beer, making it rather one dimensional. There are some slight boozy hints as well, but I can’t really pick out much else.

The beer is slightly sour, but there is enough sweetness in here to balance it out.

The mouth feel is nice and smooth, with a soft carbonation.


Medium long, very fruity finish.


For me this beer have too much focus on the blackcurrant. If they will ever make this again I’d love to see it with slig

Source: BeerNorway

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