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Belgium: Day 1

The first time I visited Belgium was December 2011. We flew from Turino to Brussels and spent two days exploring this enchanting European city. Others had explained Belgium as one of Europe’s most understated countries, sometimes going as far as to call it bland or without its own character. After two visits, most recently through eastern Belgium via Frankfurt, I have to disagree. Further I can’t wait to return and explore the western part of the Country. It’s a land full of wonderful people with great food and drink culture, but most importantly their beers! This is the first of a 3 (maybe 4) part session on my recent travels & experiences in Belgium – tasting beer.

After arriving from Frankfurt and meeting up with my travel companion, Mike from Fork & Bottle, we hit the road towards Brouwerij Wilderen in the small town of Wilderen. The cafe opened at 1PM and we were the first to arrive on a particularly sunny & warm day in the Belgian countryside. The goal was to grab lunch and sampl

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