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Big Fish Eat Little Fish, Part Deux

Well, this has been an interesting week! Let’s revisit the two main topics from last week, only in reverse order.

The proposed 8% (or more) alcohol sales tax for Anchorage: Epic Fail. Six of the eleven members of the Anchorage City Council show their good sense (or at least their good sense not to try to lay another tax on their constituents to boost spending on chronic drunks, who aren’t exactly known for making it to the polls) and voted last night against even putting this dumb idea to the voters for them to vote down. So that’s good news, at least until the next time the politcos try to stick it to the consumers of alcohol with another “sin” tax.

The AB-InBev buyout of Elysian Brewing: this one got even more surreal with the broadcast of AB-InBev‘s infamous Super Bowl commercial, which included a gratuitous bitch-slap at brewers of “pumpkin peach ales.” What makes that so hilarious is the fact that Elysian Brewing is well-known for brewing Gourdgia on My Mind, a Pecan Pumpkin Peach A …

Source: Drinking on the Last Frontier

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