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Blackberry Farm Brewery | Winter Saison

As Thanksgiving is past, the holiday season is in full gear. Before we know it, winter will officially be here and with it, inviting fires in the evening, barren trees and the tease of a white Christmas. Winter also brings wonderful seasonal beers, my favorite. Usually winter warmers, stouts, porters and the like are fairly normal. On deck tonight though, we have a dark farmhouse ale.


We’ve covered a few of Blackberry Farm Brewery’s beers – Classic and Fall. Both were both unique and very well done in and of themselves. Winter, yet again, sets itself apart as a dark bodied ale owing it’s hue to the malt bill which includes Pilsner, Dark & Wheat, Abbey Malt, Special W and Roasted Wheat. It’s this same malt bill that gives this beer a very light body on the palate which is unexpected given the color of the beer. On the nose there isn’t anything that particularly stands out other than the scent of yeast and a little fruit, a dark cherry perhaps. On the tongue there is a sweetness from th

Source: Knox Beer Snobs

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