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BlackMan Brewing and the Art of Getting Better with Age

Barrett Tillman, founder and leader of BlackMan Brewing in Dallas, Texas, has ambitious goals. “I’m about bringing people together that are very good at what they do,” says Tillman. And so far his beers have been making good on his ambition.

Tillman spent some time making cider before working as a head brewer at one of Dallas-Forth Worth’s largest breweries. But working for someone else’s brewery doesn’t allow creative control, you tell someone else’s stories. That wasn’t what Tillman wanted to do.

“Get to know the story behind your beers,” he says. “We’re asking our consumers to reach into their pockets and not buy a six pack of beer but to buy a fine bottle. And as a brewer myself, all of my beers are inspired by something. That’s my niche. That’s me as a person.”

BlackMan Brewing brews rare, yeast-forward beer.

So Tillman struck out on his own. As a brewer without a brick and mortar facility, he’s been called a “contract brewer” but he just calls what he does “making rare beer brewed with friends.” Sometimes that’s a

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