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Bloomington Craft Beer Fest April 9 – Update!

Combine a beautiful, historic venue and allow Indiana craft beer to flow for a few hours and you get one super beer festival! This coming Saturday, April 9, the Woolery Mill in Bloomington hosts the Brewers of Indiana Guild annual Bloomington Craft Beer Festival with general admission from 2-6. The event has sold out for the last several years so check to see if tickets are still available at bloomingtonbeerfest.com.

Nearly 60 Craft breweries from all over Indiana will pour samples; many with their regular beers but many with very special beer! Here are just a few we would put on our list to check out!

First we have to give a big shout out to the “Locals:”
Bloomington Brewing always brings the regulars and some of their special beers this year include a bourbon barrel pale, vanilla Belgian dark strong beer, and rhubarb (think local!) IPA
Function Brewing has TWENTY SEVEN beers on their list; to include Mayan chocolate stout, orange IPA, Sour cherry, Chai brown, experimental yeast bee …

Source: Indiana Beer

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