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Blue Corn properly celebrates their brewer’s one-year anniversary

Local homebrewers show their support. Chris Goblet keeps his promise. And the Santa Fe Dining folks come out to salute their brewer.

Last Thursday, Blue Corn celebrated James Warren’s anniversary at a special Thursday at the Brewer’s Table. It’s been one year since young James has taken the reins at Blue Corn Brewery. When a friend commented that he had pretty big shoes to fill, but filled them well, James joked, “Yeah, but they feel like clown shoes.” If you’ve read Blue Corn’s Look Back/Look Ahead article, you’ll know that it wasn’t always easy. He came into a lot of responsibility taking over at Blue Corn. And even if the batch sizes are substantially smaller than the ones he worked on at New England Brewing Co., the challenges have been much greater at times. Yet, after his transitioning period, it’s clear that he’s more comfortable in the brewhouse. You can taste it in the beer. Even if a beer is not something he’s 100-percent happy with, his sound techniques, and sometimes contin

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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