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Blue Corn’s Midnight Red is coming for your soul!

The best part is you can drink it anytime Blue Corn is open, not just at midnight.

The Midnight Red is now available at Blue Corn Brewery. After a week on tap, it has certainly hit its stride. It’s been a while since Blue Corn released a beer as monstrous as this big, dark, malty Imperial Red Ale, and so I sat down with brewer James Warren to taste his beer and talk to him about releasing such a creature upon New Mexico. Actually, I sat down with him the first day it went on tap and then also a week later. As I’m writing this, I’m trying it for a third time. When it comes to beer, we in the Dark Side like to be very thorough. Or, maybe I’m just under its spell.

NMDSBC: So tell me about your new beer, the Midnight Red.

Warren: Well, the malt on it is just two malts. It’s Two-Row and Patagonia C190. The C190 was kind of a surprise to us when it got delivered. We decided to go with it. It’s been a great malt. Patagonia’s given us a couple other things. It’s been great. And then lots of hop

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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