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Brewery in Planning – Lanikai Brewing Company

2015 is shaping up to be a great year for new breweries opening up in Hawaii. I recently had the chance to stop by Lanikai Brewing Company in Kailua and check out their gleaming new brew system and tanks. Owner and Brewmaster Steve Haumschild gave me a tour of the production brewery that will feature a small tasting room. The team is busy getting the brewery fully assembled and hooked up while they await their final permits to brew. The fully electric brewery was configured by Haumschild who has a background in renewable energy and has a number of unique features (more to come on that later).

Brewery founders and roles:
Steve Haumschild : CEO/Brewmaster
Brandon Cody: Vice President/Marketing and Sales
Dano Frerich: Vice President/Operations
Al Darling: Vice President/CFO

How did you all meet?
(SH) I met Brandon about 10 years ago through a mutual friend. Not long after we realized we had overlapping skill sets. I knew how to repair surfboards; he knew how to make beer. The activities

Source: Beer in Hawaii

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