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Brewery Visit: Bent Hill Brewery

bent hill brewery

If you think you’re driving to the middle of nowhere when heading to Bent Hill Brewery, you’re probably heading in the right direction. And if you think you’re about to pull into someone’s personal driveway, then you know you’re in the right spot. On the first day of their soft opening, we urged our heavily protesting car up the hill to this beer oasis in Vermont’s Orange County.

You can tell that Bent Hill founder and brewer Mike Czok has a fantastic supporting team behind him. As we sipped our free samples in the small space, Czok’s buddies arrived with a fresh cup delivery to get him through the next day and a half of tastings. And the free-standing structure, roughly 20′x20′ (in Ian’s estimate), was built for the express purpose of housing the brewery. That could only have been accomplished with the help of dedicated friends. A while back on this blog, I described 14th Star as homebrewing run amok. Bent Hill fits that description perfectly. Everything in their brew shed was hand

Source: Vermont on Tap

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