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Cans are the key to survival as Red Door swings into 2021

Head brewer Matt Meier, left, watches carefully as the canning line do its thing in pre-COVID times. (All photos courtesy of Red Door Brewing)

Strange times call for remote interviews as I forged on with this year’s Look Back/Look Ahead Series with our friends at Red Door Brewing. On the call with me this time around were head brewer Matt Meier and operations manager Ali Cattin. Off we went, exploring the challenges and constantly shifting seas of regulations and pivoting that this incredibly tough 2020 laid at our feet.

(Editor’s note: this interview took place prior to a couple can releases mentioned below back on December 11, just to clear up any confusion.) 

Solo: What a difference a year makes, just crazy. Last year we were hanging out in the brewery plotting our collaboration, Czar of Aberdeen, and you were telling me about “no more new taprooms this year.” Then the world just goes completely upside down. 

Matt: Yeah, and then we opened a taproom.

Solo: Yes, you di

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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