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Canterbury is just two hours by train from London. A welcome respite from the busy streets of the English capital. Though famous, Canterbury is a fairly small city. The fame is because of the huge cathedral, the seat of the Church of England that dominates the skyline from wherever you look. It is an old city, important to the Saxons, Romans, Normans and the English. Canterbury is located in Kent, a name any beer lover in the world should recognize because of the abundance of hops. It has also, just as Holland, gone through an amazing rise of small breweries in just a few years.

And what did we do in Canterbury? We went to a tiny brewery (in actual square feet) called the Canterbury Brewers and its brewpub the Foundry. Canterbury has a converted railroad shed that is now a food market called the Good’s Shed, that has an excellent bottle shop called, yes, The Bottle Shop. Lastly I want to talk a little about the dominance of the Shepherd Neame brewery that owns many pubs across Kent.


Source: The Dutch Beer Pages

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