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Beer Styles

Brewing an American Porter

American Porter wort in carboy

The first featured Beer Style in this series of articles on How to brew different Styles of Beer? comes from Category 20: 'American Porter and Stout' in the BJCP 2014 Guidelines and is the Style of an American Porter.

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How to brew different Styles of Beer?

Assorted grains for making beer

Early 2014 I wrote a series of articles based on the BJCP 2008 Style Guidelines looking at how each Category of beers was broken down into one or more Styles. In this series of articles I will be looking at a variety of different Beer Styles from a Homebrewing perspective and taken from the BJCP 2014 Guidelines. I will look at the Background, Guidelines, Ingredients, Recipes and Process plus brew a batch then examine the Outcome.

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