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Beer & Breweries in Heidelberg

Vetter's Alt brewing system

Following on from our visit to Bamberg we traveled by train onto the city of Heidelberg which is famous for its highly respected university and impressive schloss (castle). Additionally the city has a few breweries in the altstadt (old town).

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Bamberg: the home of smoked beers

Spezial Brau from Bamberg

During a three month stay in The Netherlands we took a trip via train to the city of Bamberg which is situated in the north of Bavaria, Germany. The main purpose was to seek out a style of beer called Rauchbier which is a German smoked beer and Bamberg is well renowned for having a number of breweries specializing in these.

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Brewing a Kitchen Sink beer

BIAB mash

It is commonly expressed by homebrewers, bloggers, and makers of beer-related podcasts that throwing a lot of different grains and hops at a beer, or Kitchen Sink beer as it is frequently referred, is a bad idea... so I thought I would give it a go!

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PA Flavor 2016

PA Flavor booths

Back in 2014 we visited PA Flavor and enjoyed a great event showcasing local craft beers, foods and other related offerings - see here for the article. Alas in 2015 we had other obligations but this year our plans fell into place so on Saturday April 23 we headed to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and after checking into our hotel embarked on the 45 min walk out to the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex.

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Brewing a British Brown Ale

Active primary fermentation

Previously in this series of articles on How to brew different Styles of Beer? we covered brewing a Belgian Golden Strong Ale, this time the Beer Style comes from Category 13: 'Brown British Beer' in the BJCP 2015 Guidelines and is the style of a British Brown Ale.

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