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First-time brewing BIAB-style and with Electric

After successfully assembling and wiring my new Electric Brewing system it was time to make my first beer with it. The style I chose was a Robust Porter as I have previously had success with a Coffee Porter and a Bourbon Coffee Porter so this time I wanted to try a basic BJCP style and focus on getting to grips with using Electric instead of Propane as an energy source and also find out what Brew In A Bag (BIAB) was like process wise as opposed to infusion mashing with my old three-tier Sanke keg based system.

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How viable is Electric Brewing? BIAB

Brew Boss E-BIAB system

An investigation into whether or not it is possible to have a brewing system that allows me to homebrew year-round and also improve the amount of control over, and automation of, the brewing process. This article covers the investigation to find out what the alternatives and associated costs are plus examine the pro's and cons of each identified solution.

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Cool Brewing Fermentation Cooler product review

Fermentation Cooler with strap

Whilst attending the NHC 2014 we met with a number of product suppliers at the Homebrew Expo including Cool Brewing LLC. They were showcasing their Fermentation Cooler which is "an inexpensive and easy solution to keeping your homebrewed beer fermentation temperatures in control".

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