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GOP candidate seen hitting beer bong

Stewart Mills of Minnesota is seen in newly released photos hitting a beer bong, and licking a woman. In photos obtained by Minneapolis's City Pages, Mills is seen chugging beer through a funnel. A Democratic source leaked the photos, according to the .... and more »

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Brewpub plans Dec. 18 opening

Rock & Run Brewery, the first brewpub in downtown Liberty at 110 E. Kansas St., has an anticipated opening date of December 18. The brewpub's owners, Dan Hatcher and Gene DeClue, are finalizing construction and are in the process of hiring and training ....

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Friday’s Wall of Beer Pick: Lenoir Fever

On most Friday afternoons, I roll out a selection from the Wall of Beer at Bestway, the seven-aisle grocery store at the intersection of Walker and Elam avenues, better known as The Corner. The suggestion comes from the Beer Goddess. That's the ....

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New brewery coming to downtown Whitewater

The friends turned business partners are opening their own brewery in downtown Whitewater. Second Salem Brewing Company will be on the northeast corner of the Lakefront Pub, 111 W. Whitewater St.. It will operate separate from the restaurant after it ....

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This Guy’s Beer Pong Trick Shots Will Put Your Game To Shame

The 'light beer' levity mixed with some serious skills on display is entitled "It's All Gone Pong" and was posted by Harry Wright from Wellington, New Zealand, who has obviously 'fermented' these tricks oh-so-very-well over time. The gifted 'Guinness .... This Beer Pong Trick Shot Video Is SpectacularThe Post Game (blog) all 3 news articles »

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Father faces court after three men die from home brew

Bill Lynam walks from the watchhouse into the Warwick Magistrates Court yesterday. Jeremy Sollars Warwick Daily N. A HOME-MADE alcohol tragedy which claimed the lives of three young Stanthorpe men has taken another turn, with the father of one of the .... and more »

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