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Crush it: The Snallygaster 2019 Power Rankings

For the fourth year, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to sort out the massive list of beers at Snallygaster and power rank them!

Snallygaster, the eighth annual beer festival brought to you by the Neighborhood Restaurant Group, is one of the best beer festivals in the United States and one of the crown jewels of our beer scene.

Your DCBeer editors (and some knowledgeable local folks) have sorted through the list and ranked them. Take note that Snallygaster 2019 is mixing it up a bit; beers no longer cost tickets, and with the price removed from the calculations we think you’ll see long lines for some of the more coveted beers at the festival. 

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Per usual, the standard is “what we’ve done here is think about what our predilections would be on the day-of. Which beers would we be most likely to drink, to wait in line for?” This takes into consideration a great number of things: the esteem in which we hold

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