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Czech Beer in D.C., a history (Part 1)

On September 30, beer expert Evan Rail will lecture on Czech Beer Days: What’s Behind the Brew? at the Czech embassy. We’re taking this as an opportunity to discuss one of our favorite topics.

Czech Beer in D.C., Pt.1 examines the history of Czech beer in the US and more specifically in the DC metro region. Czech Beer in DC Pt. 2 discusses the brewing of beer with Czech ingredients.

Czech beer in the US is represented by Budweiser.
Part of an advertisement for Budweiser in Washington’s The Evening Star in 1907

Czechia, or the Czech Republic, is the birthplace of pilsner. As the most widely-brewed beer style in the world, it’s no wonder that the influence of Czech brewing is strong. The focus here is on the US, DC, and that strange country we can never visit: the past.

America’s fourth best-selling beer, Miller Lite, is branded “A FINE PILSNER.” But anyone who’s had pale lager or Pilsner-style beers in Czechia knows a fine Pilsner in the States tastes quite different than what’s on offer in Czech bars and restaurants.


Source: DC Beer

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