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DC Beer Week & the Heurich House Museum Want to get you Educated

Heurich House Museum leads the DC Beer Week education calendar

As you might suspect and may have heard, DC Beer Week runs from September 8-15, celebrates our local craft beer scene, and is all about drinking high-quality beer from the best local, regional, and national producers. Mostly.

Thanks to the DC Brewers’ Guild and the Heurich House Museum, the week is also about cramming some beer knowledge into that brain of yours while you sip some suds and debate “is this Citra too catty or…?”

One of the best DC Beer Week traditions, a slate of beer-focused educational events, is back for #DCBW2019, and this year that slate features five events from which beer fans will surely find something to appreciate.

Can you really appreciate good beer unless you know how to identify bad beer? Maybe, but it’s a pretty cool(?) party trick to be able to identify off-flavors and Pizzeria Paradiso Georgetown will offer beer fans that chance with an Off-Flavor Tasting on Sunday, September 8 fro

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