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Decembeer 10: All Mixed Up Together

All through the month of December, up to Christmas Eve, we will be doing a quick review of a seasonal beer for our own enjoyment. You might like them, too. Or maybe we can provide a quick guide to the winter or holiday beers that you haven’t tried yet.

You can see all of the Decembeer 2018 list here.

All Mixed Up Together

Deschutes Jubelale

Winter beers follow a general trend. They focus on dark flavors: coffee, chocolate, dried fruit, spices like cinnamon and cloves. They are usually warming and filling with higher alcohol and residual sugars, and less refreshing and crisp. These flavors are often manifested in imperial stouts, big IPAs or double IPAs, Belgian strong ales, or variations of British-style winter warmers. Sometimes examples are barrel-aged or spiced to add to the ‘specialness’ of the offer. And really, who’s complaining?

Put a few of these classic winter beer flavors together, we get very amazing results. Try them all at the same time and we get Deschutes Jubelale. I do

Source: KC Beer Scouts

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