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Decembeer 7: Deck Your Tree and Drink it Too

All through the month of December, up to Christmas Eve, we will be doing a quick review of a seasonal beer for our own enjoyment. You might like them, too. Or maybe we can provide a quick guide to the winter or holiday beers that you haven’t tried yet.

You can see all of the Decembeer 2018 list here.

Deck Your Tree and Drink it Too

Ballast Point Spruce Tip Sculpin

Adjuncts and additives in beer don’t always have the same impact as you’d expect. At times, that is a reflection of the additive itself. Some just don’t pack a punch. Other times, the additives don’t show through enough in the finished product to be noteworthy. In some examples, the extras so overwhelm the palate, you can hardly notice the beer. The balance of additives with its beer make the difference between forgotten, overpowering, or sublime.

Straight-up Sculpin IPA is an excellent beer with both the bright, tropical fruit aroma of modern IPAs and a hint of the older West Coast-style IPA pine and grapefruit. Ballast Poin

Source: KC Beer Scouts

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