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Decembeer 8: A Bright Spot in the Darkness

All through the month of December, up to Christmas Eve, we will be doing a quick review of a seasonal beer for our own enjoyment. You might like them, too. Or maybe we can provide a quick guide to the winter or holiday beers that you haven’t tried yet.

You can see all of the Decembeer 2018 list here.

A Bright Spot in the Darkness

New Belgium Accumulation White IPA

I appreciate the zags in life. When everyone flows one way, those that move against the grain to try something new or unexpected. It’s welcome, often enough, as a parade of sameness can fatigue anyone’s spirits or motivation. In the beer world, winter seasonals usually revolve around sugary heft, spices, roasty flavors, and/or alcohol. It makes sense and those traditional ales are welcome all season long. But sometimes, a beer moving in the opposite direction brightens the palate.

New Belgium Accumulation is a pretty straight forward white IPA. I expect lots of citrus aroma and flavors, like a witbier. Maybe slightly cloudy

Source: KC Beer Scouts

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