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Depot Street Brewing | Roundabout Rare

Barrel aged. You have our attention. Barrel aged beers may very well be our favorite category of beer. In this particular case we were first introduced to this beer during a Tri-Cities beer run in August. It was our first stop and not even noon yet and Michael Foster and Devin Rutledge of Depot Street Brewing were giving us a tour. The brewery was amazing. Michael’s ingenuity is incredible and the beer was downright a blast. The best part was that they had several different barrels sitting around that just happened to need a QA check. Turns out we got to sample this very beer. Devin (in the pic with the wicked cool hat) pulled out a sample and we each got a taste. I remember it being very boozy. The flavor was good but I could tell it hadn’t been in the barrel long and had merely soaked up any remaining liquid that was there.  Depot_BBL

Fast forward to today and as my good friend Zack Roskop of Knox Brew Tours recently made a trip to the brewery, he grabbed me a few bottles.

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