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Generally dry, full-bodied, austere.

27B. English Cider

Reference: 27B
Style: English Cider
Category: Standard Cider & Perry
Summary: Generally dry, full-bodied, austere.
BJCP 2008: Click here to see the full Beer Style description.
Examples: [US] Westcott Bay Traditional Very Dry, Traditional Dry and Traditional Medium Sweet (WA), Farnum Hill Extra-Dry, Dry, and Farmhouse (NH), Wandering Aengus Dry Cider (OR), Red Barn Cider Burro Loco (WA), Bellwether Heritage (NY); [UK] Oliver’s Herefordshire Dry Cider, various from Hecks, Dunkerton, Burrow Hill, Gwatkin Yarlington Mill, Aspall Dry Cider

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