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Epic Brewing Company – Salt Lake City

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Epic Brewing Company - Salt Lake City
(Primary Location)
Epic Brewing Company - US
Epic is Utah’s first brewery since prohibition to brew exclusively high alcohol content beer. Epic handcrafts and carefully bottles its unique product in 22-ounce bottles, perfect for sharing or a long savor, solo style.
Brewery:Epic Brewing Company - US
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Opening Hours:
Mon - Thu: 11am - 9pm
Fri – Sat: 10am - 11pm
Sun – 11am - 7pm

Brewery tours are available for groups of 4-10 adults 21 years of age and over only. Call the brewery to book your tour in advance at 801-906-0123. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to visit.
Founders:David Cole and Peter Erickson
Features:Brewery, Taproom, Tours
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Epic Brewing Company - Salt Lake City
Address: 825 S State St,
Salt Lake City,
Utah 84111,
United States
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Epic Brewing Company - Salt Lake City
David Cole and Peter Erickson are the founders and co-owners of Epic Brewing Company. Cole and Erickson, originally from California, started an international aquaculture company in Utah in 1992. In 2008, Utah law changed allowing these two entrepreneurs to pursue their longtime dream of opening a strong beer microbrewery in Utah, like those they frequented in the Golden State. Together, they have teamed with Brewmaster Kevin Crompton, formerly from Bohemian Brewery. Crompton has been brewing …
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