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Fernson Brewing Co. of Sioux Falls

This profile of Fernson is the third in our first in a series of profiling all of South Dakota breweries. Look for a profile of Lost Cabin next week.

Official Brewery Name: Fernson Brewing Co.

Ownership: Blake Thompson and Derek Fernholz

Brewers: Blake Thompson and Derek Fernholz

Year Founded: 2014

Address: 1400 E. Robur Drive in Sioux Falls. Taproom at Fernson on 8th (201 N. Weber Ave.)

Website: www.fernson.com

Fernson’s big fermenters

Flagship Beer: Lion’s Paw Lager

Year-round Brews: IPA, Farmhouse Ale, Porter

Notable Seasonals/Features: Gallivant, Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Ale

Brewing equipment:
Brewhouse: 30BBL
Fermenters: 6 – 60BBL, 2 – 30BBL
Brite Tanks: 1 – 30BBL, 1 – 60BBL
Canning Line in-house does 35 12oz cans per minute

What’s unique about your brewery / beer?
We have over 90 wine and spirits barrels in house for aging.

What local ingredients do you use?
Our fresh hop is made with hops grown about 8 miles from the brewery. Sioux Falls water is great for brewing.

The post Fernson

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