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Fredericksburg Brewfest

Clay and I decided to go up to Fredericksburg and check out their beer fest. I didn’t have any expectations just vague notions of the fizzy sort. Upon arriving in or around the city, we picked up Clay’s brother-in-law. He’s an affable beer lover who was happy to be picked up and delivered to the beer. After an oddly efficient carding/wrist band process there was a small mix up over tickets with the admission staff. Some small bit of consternation later we were in the beer fest.
This fest was all outside and the weather was perfect. The sun was shining, breeze was gentle, and the temperature was moderate. There are few things about outdoor events that are noticeable straight away: accommodating or fest-wrecking weather, attraction layout, and adequate restroom facilities. The first two were good. The last one was an issue. There weren’t enough port-a-johns. I recall the line being about 20 deep most of the day. Not a big deal to me, but important to note in general.
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Source: Virginia Beer Blog

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