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Friday the 13th: Seems Pretty Lucky to Me

Well, it’s Friday the 13th and a black cat has indeed crossed my trail (since one of our three cats is black). However, I’d say things are actually pretty lucky right now. The weather is beautiful, if a bit on the cold side for March (-6 F this morning), and there’s plenty of good news from the beer world.  So let’s get to it.

First off, noon today was the grand opening of Resolution Brewing in Anchorage.  I wrote plenty about this last week, but here are some additional tidbits. To celebrate the opening, Resolution Brewing is releasing another 50 memberships to its “The Uprising” Growler Club. $200 gets you two 32 oz growlers, a limited edition t-shirt and $2 off growler refills for life.

That’s a damned fine deal, especially if you live near the brewery and can take maximum advantage. The beers currently on tap at Resolution are Peak 3 APA, Tent City Saison, Father Dyer Belgian Abbey, and Rewind IPA. I got to taste all except the APA a couple of weeks ago, so see my blog on 2/27/2015 f …

Source: Drinking on the Last Frontier

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