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From Field to Bottle – Ko Hana Hawaiian Agricole Rum

KoHana Rum Hawaii Farm to Bottle

Saccharum officinarum, otherwise known as sugar cane, has been a life blood of the Hawaiian islands for hundreds of years. Over the past two decades the tall weed like grass has slowly disappeared from the gentle slopping hills of each island and so has a unique way of plantation life. I literally grew up surrounded by sugar cane in Waialua and like anyone who grew up in a mill town there are distinct smells, sounds and sights that instantly remind you of your childhood.

Long gone are the load roars of gigantic cane haulers and falling black ashes from burning cane fields (it wasn’t a good idea to wear white shirts to school on those days), but the smell of sugar is still alive on Oahu. As I pulled into the old Kunia General Store and Post Office, now the tasting room for Ko Hana Hawaiian Agricole Rum, I was instantly transported to back to my childhood. The sweet, yet pungent smell from a recently harvested batch of sugar cane gently wafted through the air. Here in the quiet central

Source: Beer in Hawaii

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