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Hawkers Brewery launches

There’s quite a bit of buzz this week about the launch of Hawkers Brewery, a new Melbourne brewery featuring a state-of-the-art plant and some much-loved Melbourne beer identities in the team. You can read some extensive background on The Crafty Pint. The beer is not yet available — their first beer, an American Pale Ale — will be launched over the weekend at the Great Australian Beer Festival in Geelong and a Czech pilsner, an IPA and a saison still waiting in the wings.

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hawkers logoha w ker (ˈhɔ kər) a person who travels from place to place selling good [Middle English hauker, probably from Middle Low German höker, from hōken, to peddle, bend, bear on the back.]

Hawkers were instrumental in the development of our early Australian colony and hawking is exactly what Joseph Abboud (Rumi, Moor’s Head) and Mazen Hajjar (961 Beer) found themselves doing on a warm but drizzly Sydney afternoon, pounding the streets between venues promoting and selling Hajjar’s 961 beer that Abboud

Source: Australian Brews News

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